Prairie Trail’s Parks Have Something for Everyone

Prairie Trail is introducing to the Community a number of parks of various sizes and themes to meet the needs of all of Ankeny’s residents: parks geared to active families with young children, parks for quiet gatherings, parks for gardeners to keep their thumbs busy, and parks for outdoor enthusiasts, every demographic will be covered.

Come out to Prairie Trail today to enjoy the two, already opened parks in the residential area:

Precedence Park: With its 1930’s Works Progress Administration-style shelter, it is considered a passive or quiet park. There is no playground, but the 3.16 acre park features extensive landscaping and a trail encircling the grounds. The shelter can accommodate 75 to 100 people, perfect for small events and picnics.

Dean Park: This intimate park – only 1.26 acres- may be small in area, but it promises to be big in spirit. With wide open spaces, a pavilion, and play ground, it will be a natural for family reunions, mothers’ play groups, and pick up basketball games on a half-court surface. Featuring a mini splash park, make sure to bring a few towels to dry off after a fun day of playing.

(Pictured above: Precedence Park to the left, Dean Parks’ playground centered, Dean Parks pavilion and splash center to the right)


Look forward to these two parks, whose work will take place in the future:

Chautauqua Park: The biggest of the parks at 46 acres, Chautauqua offers many options. There will be lawns for playing and relaxing; a lake for fishing; trails for walking, riding, and running; and landscaping to savor. Other features include a reconstructed wetland and native grasses and flowers, which serve double duty by helping manage storm-water runoff.

Promenade Park: The 12 acres in this park will offer active and passive possibilities. An intertwining trail system will pass through the park’s inner space and also connect to the overall trail system of Prairie Trail at the park’s boundaries. The shape and contour of the park make for a perfect setting for an amphitheater that will use the 5-acre Promenade Lake as a backdrop. A shelter structure will provide park patrons with a space to relax and enjoy the view.


(Pictured: Chautauqua Park on the left, Promenade Park on the right.)

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